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How to Register on Chennaibuilders.com?
You can register on Chennaibuilders.com through a simple registration process. Go to Register on Homepage and fill a simple form. Registered members of Chennaibuilders.com can avail free member benefits like list projects and Post requirement.

How to retrieve forgotten password on Chennaibuilders.com ?
Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.
Provide your username and email id registered with us.
Chennaibuilders team will send your password through email

How to change Chennaibuilders account password ?
Login to "My Account" section
Click on "Change Password" link under the "Edit Account Information" section at left side of the page
Enter your old password
Enter your new password and confirm it by re-entering
Your new password will be activated immediately

How to modify your account information ?
Login to " My account" section
Click on "Edit Account Information" link under the "Dashboard" section
Modify your account
Your account modifications will be activated immediately

Is registration required to search on Chennaibuilders.com?
No, Search is absolutely FREE and anyone can use Chennaibuilders.com search to find projects. You need to register to avail member benefits like Save as Short-listed property from search results

How to search for projects on Chennaibuilders.com?
This search helps you find projects quickly on the basis of the type of transaction (Buy/Rent), Property type, Location (Area), Budget, Floor area, Car parking, BHK, and Featured. You can search the properties on Desktop, Laptop and Mobile

How are properties sorted on search result page?
All projects on Chennaibuilders.com get updated regularly. By default the properties are displayed as per best match as per your search criteria. Chennaibuilders.com team has developed an complex algorithm
which displays the property listings most relevant to your search criteria. The search results can also be sorted on basis of:

Why shows "No More Projects Available" displayed on search result page?
"No More Projects Available" is displayed when there are no projects listed on Chennaibuilders.com matching your search criteria. In this case, we suggest you to broaden your project search or Post your requirement. This will ensure you get updates about projects matching your requirements through email and/or SMS.

List Projects
How to list the project for sale or rent on Chennaibuilders.com?
Please follow these easy steps to list your project on Chenncibuilders.com and reach to the potential buyers.

How long will my property listing be valid on Chennaibuilders.com?
Your property listing on Chennaibuilders.com, will be active and visible on search result page for 365 days. This will ensure you maximum visibility and responses for your property. We will be sending you an intimation before your listing will expire and the listing will not be visible on search result page after this period.

How to add a photograph to project listing on Chennaibuilders.com?
You can upload an image saved in your computer (Only JPG format) for fast response
New Listings : There is an option to upload image when you providing details on "Add New Projects" page
Existing Listings :You have to contact our Chennaibuilders.com team
How to add a logo on project listing page?
An Agent and Builder can add a logo to the property listing. The logo can be uploaded at the time of Registration or by clicking Modify Profile in My account. This logo will be visible along with the details of the listing.

Why my project or/and photograph not visible on the search result page?
Project posted by every member undergo a validation process and data is screened before the project listing/photographs are displayed on the site. The validation process usually takes 48 hours after which the property listing appears on search result page.

Post Requirement
Why should I Post Requirements?
If there are No records found on the search result page matching your search criteria, or you do not like any of the properties displayed matching the criteria then Chennaibuilders.com team recommends you to post your requirements. We will send you updates on properties matching your requirements through email.

How to post my requirements?
Provide details of your requirement by filling a simple form on "Post Requirement" section at top right of the home page
Confirm the contact details to which responses will be sent.
your enquiry for the project will be processed by our team and will be forwarded to the relevant builder

How much does it cost to post my requirement on Chennaibuilders.com?
Posting your requirement on Chennaibuilders.com is absolutely FREE. You can post not just one but multiple property requirements for FREE.

Why should i advertise on Chennaibuilders.com?
Advertising solutions on Chennaibuilders.com have been designed to help you reach out to the widest audience in the most cost-effective manner. We have customized solutions to suit Builders or Agents or Individuals advertising needs, whether you are looking to list properties, or create banners for your company's promotion on Chennaibuilders.com

What are the advertise options on Chennaibuilders.com?
We have created dedicated sections of advertising solutions for Individuals, Agents and Builders, which caters to the advertising requirements with various budget.